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Why the Hollywood Model doesn’t work for software

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

A prime example of this is the way far too many digital agencies try to bridge the gaps in their technology offering.

In the interests of offsetting the costs associated with hiring and developing the expertise they need internally to take on new and often quite lucrative projects on behalf of their clients … they try to outsource the talent they need, bargain them down on price, and hopefully get a fully functional app in months or a working prototype or proof of concept in weeks.

After all, the logic goes, isn’t this akin to how Hollywood makes multi-million dollar blockbusters?

The reality is that what works for the latest Michael Bay film is fraught with risk and inconsistency for agencies like yours.

A recent study commissioned by Havas’s Arnold Advertising found that 90% of agency staff solved digital challenges by “figuring it out themselves.”


Is that any way to run a business let alone build the mission critical applications that clients need to stay competitive and win in their respective industries?

And that’s just the start. Consider the costs of prepping and managing an offshore project with consultants you have never met in person. Who will write the comprehensive set of tech requirements? Who will be the one to judge whether the code is well written? Is this going to be a true collaborative experience or are you really just throwing code over the wall to each other? And when the project concludes, who will be responsible for QA?

The only way to build and deliver the solutions your client needs is to work closely with a trusted partner.

While it may appear cheaper to outsource to freelancers at the outset, consider what you’re putting at risk.

Who will be responsible for the knowledge built up by the developers or the knowledge transfer?

If you’re willing to roll the dice on cheap software code that can lead to a dead end, are you also willing to have to recreate from scratch the next time you need an update?

Outsourcing simply isn’t a magic formula.

In the end, you get what you pay for. So why not partner with a trusted resource instead,

You’ll get more than what you “need” because you’ll be working with people who are invested in the project — from inception through completion — as much as you are.

And instead of a “one off” experience you’ll form a relationship with someone who will always be there for you – today and tomorrow – not someone whose commitment is based on an electronic funds transfer.

Leave the Hollywood Model for the next Spiderman movie. Software development is something else entirely.

This is #6 of these top 10 benefits of being a Creative Chaos Partner.