Creative Chaos Partner Portal

What’s On Your Mind

In no particular order, this is a running list of what our Agency Partners are telling us, talking about, and being asked for:

1) BizDev! We need to promise and provide more (bill more) to both existing clients and new prospects.

2) Keeping up with constant change and how it influences what we need to understand and decide on.

3) So… getting good help.  Finding various tech specialists that can provide insights and recommendations about tech (and business goal!) integrations WITHOUT a hidden agenda. Since they have done it before they can help us navigate challenges and make better us of our time (which is focusing on what we do best and not wasting time searching for random tech solutions).

4) Delivering end-user personalization amongst dynamic behavior and metrics across different databases and ecosystems – client’s, Agency’s, and 3rd party platforms

5) 6) 7)  Quality, Quality, and Quality.

8) How to maintain the best work possible aesthetically, technically, and with the most business-goal-minded professionalism. Employees that understand this are at a premium and should be (pay the good ones more).

9) It is REALLY hard finding and keeping good people.

10) Internal PR. We need help selling and re-selling our value to our clients. They regularly do not know what we are wrestling with on their behalf.