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10 key insights for CEOs on how to embark on a successful AI journey.

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 how their “Survey of 3,000 Executives Reveals How Businesses Succeed with AI” – from the Director of the McKinsey Global Institute,  Jacques Bughin

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 for those that need that next step towards leveraging Artificial Intelligence (or whatever we are calling “Automation” these days):“Digital capabilities come before AI. We found that industries leading in AI adoption — such as high-tech, telecom, and automotive — are also the ones that are the most digitized. Likewise, within any industry the companies that are early adopters of AI have already invested in digital capabilities, including cloud infrastructure and big data. In fact, it appears that companies can’t easily leapfrog to AI without digital transformation experience. Using a battery of statistics, we found that the odds of generating profit from using AI are 50% higher for companies that have strong experience in digitization.”

Our latest Reading/Thinking List:

AI and the future of design (O’Reilly Media) – Designers  provide the missing link between AI and humanity… and we are all Designers… So, step up, it’s on you!

We need more creative warriors not worriers (Dan Douglass) – Mastery of data will NOT replace the “Big Ideas” that will change the world, inspire a movement, or capture a truly personal feeling that makes us give a damn… because Creativity is Queen.

Hot List of Trends and Technologies (Innovation Leader) – Yes drones… but also words like transient identity and decentralized authentication!

(Book) Madison Avenue Manslaughter: An Inside View of Fee-Cutting Clients, Profithungry Owners and Declining Ad Agencies (Farmer) – Know your fees, resources, and workflow details… or die.

(Book) Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications (Sterne) – History Lesson: Advertising became Marketing became Technology. Accept it.

Forbes’ opinion about Gartner’s neural network overload and ecosystem-enabling platforms

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