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Top 10 Benefits of our Partnership

But first, THE DEAL:

We support our Partner Agencies, Consultants, and Business Service Providers at no cost … by earnestly providing scope, pricing, and options for your projects and pitches … and only share revenue from closed business.

We regularly provide fixed-costs for project completion. Also, when needed, our hourly work is billed at $50-70/hr depending on the engineer.  And yes, we provide dedicated people for Tech Team Augmentation on retainer.

The point of this breakdown is that we have flexible models that work around you … to expand your capabilities while maintaining quality and optimizing margins and revenue.

As you consider the below, think about how you are engaging your client CEOs around what is on the top-right of their whiteboard…like #4…

Here are 10 benefits of being a Partner with Creative Chaos:

1- You have a friend in deeper/wider/faster software development to help you fix MORE business problems with your existing team.

2- Don’t leave money on the table … and don’t minimize your value by waiting for other vendors to steal your client relationships.

3- Many clients know their digital transformation roadmap. They just need help with execution or building an MVP. Now you can ask them about it.

4- Since “Marketing” gets only around 10% of company spending budgets,  we are experts at helping you go for the other 90% that your competitors aren’t …  inside the enterprise

5-  We help you understand the implications of deeper technology and how you can provide value by connecting the tech infrastructure dots with custom solutions integrated across more needs … and budgets.

6- If you consider it “outsourcing,” you are doing it wrong… we guarantee a “Team of One.”  Our remote people unburden your team by matching their tools,  process, and culture. We do the stuff that they can’t or shouldn’t have to – allowing them to focus on what they do best so they are more effective, efficient, and profitable.

7- Let’s build a few client/prospect talking-points and slides on emerging opportunities that will differentiate you (and them) in the market – such as; chatbots, 1to1 e-commerce, AI, gesture/voice, crypto currency, etc.

8- Deliver like Accenture and R/GA.  Go Ahead, Promise. We’ve got your back.

9- This-is a 2-way Partnership. Our intention is to refer business to you. So, we want to always be learning what your best prospects look like (as we help you go deeper/wider/faster).

10- Your best stories will be our relationship and process … and your expanding value. (See some of our success stories)

Are we missing anything around techdev for bizdev?

Ask David…  617-331-7852