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The Rise of Machine Learning in Marketing

It’s virtually impossible to attend a conference or pick up a trade publication without there being a seminar or article on Artificial Intelligence and how it’s poised to change just about everything.

What should you make of this? – how much is trend, how much is hype,  and to what extent should you be focused on delivering cognitive computing solutions to your clients?

Because data storage and data processing capabilities have increased exponentially, it’s now possible to write algorithms that can take data mining and analytics to a place that was virtually inconceivable just a few short years ago – algorithms that can detect patterns in complex data and make extremely accurate predictions about them.

Artificial Intelligence machine learning is enabling everything from churn prediction to image recognition – from automating repetitive clerical tasks … to projecting risk and identifying fraud in banking … to detecting manufacturing defects on the assembly line … to delivering micro segmentation… to providing a first line of defense against security threats … to customized recommendations and offers at retail to driverless cars… etc. Read 15 examples of AI being used in Marketing for real-time assessments of multiple streams of dynamic data.

The key to doing all this is deep learning – the ability to build an artificial neural network that can recognize patterns in data and perform specific tasks in an intelligent manner.

The good news is that thanks to the proliferation of tools, agencies like yours can take advantage of the powerful potential offered by cognitive computing in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Creative Chaos can help you realize the benefits that machine learning can bring to your internal operations as well as those of your clients by writing rules based algorithms that solve real world business problems.

Reach out to us and explore what this emerging technology can do and how you can apply it to the business challenges facing you and your clients every day… and more tomorrow … ready or not.