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Keeping Up with The New Normal

Are you operating at warp speed or just barely keeping up?

Both are our new normal. (See our running list of “What’s On Your Mind”)

The collective focus has shifted from mobile responsive websites and mCommerce to the cloud and tinder-izing user experiences.

And all that was so five minutes ago.

Today, the buzz is all about Artificial Intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning.

Take a look at what marketing leaders globally are focusing on… Don’t you love looking at charts with dramatic shifts? A.I. is the fastest growing segment over the next 2 years… and should be on your list of capabilities. 

We are using this 2017 data to make the point that AI is still the fastest growing marketing technology in terms of planned usage. Virtually 27% of respondents said they plan to use AI over the next 2 years. That tops all of the other tools specified, which ranged from 17-23% planning adoption, with email and analytics (among the most-used) on the lower end of planned usage and the Internet of Things on the higher end.

Were marketers to follow through on their artificial intelligence plans, adoption in marketing would jump by 53% over the next couple of years. In sum, almost 8 in 10 respondents are either using AI or plan to in the next 2 years. That still positions AI  behind the rest of the tools, but nonetheless place it squarely in the mainstream.

Creative Chaos can help you understand and discover opportunities for your clients (and at your company). Then we help you scope, price, and present solutions that keep you ahead of your competitors and fulfills your client’s needs… Yes, beyond Marketing.

The opportunities are in your answer to this question:

What’s your play?