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How to Ride the Wave of Digital Transformation Without (Customers) Falling Off

Digital transformation. To many it’s an overused buzz phrase. But to marketers who are seeking an edge, it’s the ultimate bottom line.

That’s because nothing can make or break a relationship between a brand and its target audience faster than having inadequate or outdated technology in place to engage those consumers.

Whipeouts are inevitable… but it’s clear that in 2018, customer experience (CX) is everything.

Whether you’re an an agency or a brand, there are some game shifting tech trends that you need to be paying close attention to in order to make digital transformation into a key component of your CX.

These trends are: the cloud, cognitive computing, data and analytics, the Internet of Things and voice interfaces.

As Edelman’s David Armano points out on his blog, the three essential business imperatives today are speed, personalization and always on.

From platforms to process, agencies can’t afford to get any of this wrong.

The question we pose to you is a simple one:

Are you keeping up with the technologies that directly impact your client’s Customer Experience?

Is the technology solution you have in place accelerating the  brand’s digital transformation or hindering it?

According to an Adobe Digital Trends study done in 2017, 71% of marketing execs believe that optimizing CX is essential to achieving growth objectives over the next few years. Not a nice to have, something essential for business growth.

So if you’ve been putting this off because you’re not sure how to begin, consider this: building a powerful, secure and scalable digital foundation for your clients is the only way to keep them and add incremental revenue growth for your shop.

Not sure how to take advantage of what’s imminently rocking your world?

Assessing your digital capabilities is the first step. Then you need a blueprint that can get you from where you are today to where you need to be. For digital transformation to succeed, it needs to align with a business vision, an implementation roadmap, and a series of connected initiatives to achieve your objectives. Most importantly, it requires buy in from executive leadership and a collaborative pov shared by all stakeholders.

We’re happy to give you our best assessment of what you currently have in place and show you how to capitalize on the technologies that are hot today.

Go ahead. Promise.
We’ve got your back.