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The best new truth – the good old MVP

We all know that asking others about any idea is the best way to justify moving forward on it.

You gotta remove biases, the status quo, especially your hopes!

This is the basis of creating a Minimum Viable Product. An MVP provides the best way to succeed – by providing the truth. The “Build – Measure – Learn” mantra (part of the Lean startup method) is like directed trial and error. It catches opportunities and problems early while increasing the chances of finding a business model that can succeed.

This could be a clickable prototype on a web page or a test mobile app with only a few functions that show what real people will do in a real setting. This is not accomplished in a focus group with presentation slides!

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Here is an excerpt from our post on how an MVP is applied to Startups:

“More often, failure is attributable to poor execution. Most startups fail because they are unable to create a usable product quickly that can be tested with their first customers. Or, when they do bring a product to market, they’re not able to iterate their product fast enough to find product-market fit.“

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