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Garth Holsinger – Partner. CEO of Working Man

Garth is a friend and Partner of Creative Chaos. As the founder of the NY-based consulting firm Working Man LLC, focused on corporate innovation, he has spent 20 years helping major consumer brands leverage emerging technology to solve big problems.

He is a ls Founder of the first incubator for Shelter solutions with MIT’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Future of Shelter. Recently Sr. EIR at Bionic, helping global CPG clients grow and launch new ventures through a focus on customer experience. Garth has held key positions at fast-growing startups including Klout and Livefyre, where he led growth and corporate partnerships. He founded Pilot44, a leading innovation consulting practice, that was quickly acquired after founding. In addition, Mr. Holsinger has created and executive-produced a number of original television series for ABC, Fox, and the BBC.

In 2018, he launched Code Thinking, a global event series bringing major enterprise and emerging technology together around pressing societal problems. The book, Code Thinking, is due out in Spring 2018. Garth lives and works in New York