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Advertising Week NY – POV and Videos


Below are videos of some of the most interesting and controversial sessions at Advertising Week New York

We see good stuff and some serious fights for minds and budgets … way beyond “Advertising” – AI is smart (automation).  AR now. VR later. Bots are easy. Be Diverse or Be a Dud. IoT is for OEMs. TV is just way different now.

This is not an obvious, single, throat-crushing choke hold dogfight… but a death-of-a-thousand-cuts/pecks in a cockfight rumble between the internal and external advisors to company leadership: Advertising Agencies, Marketing Services, Management Consultants, Strategy Advisors, e-Tailers, Telcos, oh, my!

From my own assessment, this was the post that got the most buzz from haters/lovers. Of course the session was with Accenture, IBMix, WPP/Wavemaker, etc:

Best #AdvertisingWeek quote: “In 3-5 years, Agencies have a 30% chance of survival” from session, “Agency of the Future”

The Real Issue: All this new data we are getting is revealing new truths. So, company organization structures are in flux as they re-build their capabilities for listening and reacting to their ever-evolving customer expectations. The opportunity is with helping your customers PREPARE to make these decisions. CEOs want growth. The secret to growth?  Build more value into direct connections with your customers. And remember,  The secret to building? … Innovation = Iteration.

Many of the below links have changed… they can all be found at

Here is the list of session videos – and our take:

Leadership and Agency of the Future – Leaders are calling it “partner” of the future

Accenture, R/GA, IBMiX  – The fox is in the hen house

Inside R/GA – adding to both ends… consulting and development

Chatbots… They are easy… but are they cheap?

Building a Brand in a Mobile-First World – Duh.

Mediapost half-day on A.I. – Automation. Boom.

Brand America – talk about controversy!

Deep dive into UX – for non-UXers

Fast Company – Urgent smarty-pants

Trust w/ 4As – The first step is admitting the truth about trust

User Experience – it’s everything… ask David Clarke of PwC

The Experience Economy – EX?

Digiday and The Wheel of Truth – The first question? Screen-shot below…

But… Blah, Blah, Blah